How does crondeals make money ?

We are successfully partnered with 100's of retailers who bring us the deals to put it all on a single platform. This requires time, efforts and cover site running cost. To cover all these expenses, crondeals uses affiliate links. So when you click on the products/deals listed on crondeals, we may earn a commission. There are some brands which pay fixed fees to advertise with us, but by no mean we promote any expired or sham offer/promo code. We only publish and promote genuine and latest deals.


What about quality control?

Quality in our business means helping customers to save maximum on every purchase , thats why we proof check every single deal at our end and then publish it to public . We do not want our customers to feel cheated and do not want to disappoint them by giving any deal that doesn’t work. To maintain high quality standards we believe in going an extra mile to give only the authentic offers to our valuable users.


How frequently are the prices updated?

We have a quite precise modus operandi when it comes to update the pricing. Prices are updated in 3 phases. First phase is when we update the entire site with latest deals and offerings before 12 PM. Second phase starts when we push specific deals which requires to be listed immediately as soon as it gets released and this could get done at anytime of the day, as per the requirement. Third phase is an automated(sometimes manual) task which updates prices of already listed deals. The retailers we have listed follow the agreement which states that all the information they provide us about the products including its pricing, is accurate and up to date. Their foremost task is to upto date the information if by any chance it is inaccurate and it would be a very rare scenario where our prices might differ from the supplier’s website .If you ever come across any sort of discrepancy, please feel free to reach us we would appreciate your cooperation to help us in fixing the issue.

What does crondeals mean ?

Crondeals is derived from cron which is a time-based job scheduler in Unix-like computer operating system. It is something which runs on a scheduled time at regular intervals for repetitive tasks. We are a bunch of geeks and we love linux and we thought why not give a name which means something to us and that's how we came up with the name crondeals which means giving you the best deal on a regular interval.


What is included in the price displayed?

Suppliers listed on our site are required to display the cost of the item with tax or fees applicable which includes any postage and packaging costs (P&P costs) separately.


Does crondeals lists all retailers on the web?

We believe in quality and not in quantity, hence listing all retailers is not our object, instead we pay heed on the credibility of a supplier, and get partners with those who promise us best and worthwhile offers. We are growing and are in constant search of new retailers and if you are one of them, please join with us, just drop us an email to reachus@crondeals.com and we will get back to you.


What does crondeals do if I have a problem with a retailer listed on the site?

Quality control is our top most priority and customer feedback is essential to us. Our team is very prompt in responding to the complaints , we look into the matter and will take the decision in favour of our customers, after evaluating all the aspects, if required, we would eliminate such suppliers from our listing till the issue persists at their end. To raise the complaint please connect with our Legal team, by sending an email to reachus@crondeals.com  and we will do the needful.


About these search results

Due to technical constraints, crondeals cannot guarantee the complete accuracy, nor the entirety of the information provided by the merchants. As a result, and due to the nature of crondeal' activities, in the event of discrepancies between the information displayed on the crondeals website or ads and the one displayed on the merchant's website, the latter will prevail.


Contact Us

If you need any help with your order or require any assistance on crondeals then please send us an email to reachus@crondeals.com

The same email id can be used to contact us if you are a retailer and would like to do business with us.

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